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Frequently asked questions

It offers you the possibility of:
• Get customer service in your native language
• Load multiple items at once
• Automatically keep track of the remaining stock of an item
• automatically select the best category for your articles
You can create a user account with a valid email address and password. You can also register using your Facebook and Google accounts.
You can set any market price for your articles. However, if you want your listings to compete with other eBay sellers, follow these tips:
1. Don't set prices too high. Compare prices for the same items in listings that are currently active or for items that have sold on eBay. This will help you analyze the market situation and set the optimal price.
2. Don't set the price too low. Otherwise, you will have to compensate with unjustifiably high shipping costs.
3. Include shipping costs in the price of the item. This way, you can add the option of free shipping to your ad and increase its visibility in searches.
If you choose to set an acceptable price, try to maintain good seller ratings and set low shipping costs, you will improve your chances of attracting more buyers.
No. Currently we do not offer PayPal account linking.

Borocart is a portal where we connect customers with local businesses. Support your local community while giving your neighborhood stores an online presence, all with the ease and convenience of online ordering and same-day deliveries*.

*on most items, depending on stock availability and delivery distance

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